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Survive, keep safe and be practical with Tim Ralston's survival gear. Tim's inventions focus on quality, adaptability and versatility, specifically designed for survival.

Tim Ralston shares the survival necessities you must have in case you are faced with a survival situation as well as anecdotes and real life stories of survival so you can be best prepared.

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  • Tim Ralston Survival Wristband

    LIMITED OFFER - FREE SURVIVAL WRISTBAND This survival wristband has all the essential items that you could need in a basic survival situation. It allows you to signal for rescue, direction when you're lost, two ways of lighting fires, gives you a cutting tool and cordage. All essential items you need for survival.

  • Tim Ralston Bug Out Bag

    Tim Ralston has tried and tested thousands of survival products over the years and has found that there are some absolute essentials you need for your bug out bag. When it comes to survival, QUALITY is a must, so Tim has tough tested the best products in the world and compiled the best of the best for the Tim Ralston Bug Out Bag. If you have to get out quick, this Bug Out Bag is the 1 bag you need.

  • Timahawk

    Everything you need in a multi-tool. The Timahawk is a combination crowbar, axe, tomahawk, adze hammer, hoe and breaching tool. Great for every survivalist, backpacker, bush crafter, woodsman, fireman, policeman, adventurer, four wheeler and preppers.

  • Scavenger 6

    The Ultimate Survival Gun. One gun that can shoot any caliber bullet between a .22 and .308. This weapon is revolutionary allowing you to carry one gun with interchangeable cylinder barrels. Shoot up to 6 rounds of one caliber at a time or shoot up to 8 different calibers from the one cylinder barrel.