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About Tim Ralston

Tim Ralston is not just an inventor, entrepreneur, TV and movie personality and author, but also a really down to earth and trusted survivalist. Tim's rise to success and notoriety came about not just because of his extensive prepper knowledge and military background, but also through hard work, innovative inventions and launching dozens of survival products.

Author of The Minimalist Prepper, Tim Ralston shares the survival necessities you must have in case you are faced with a survival situation as well as anecdotes and real life stories of survival so you can be best prepared.

Tim Ralston served for the United States Air Force from 1981-1985. Tim then transferred to the Air Traffic Control (ATC) where he finished his military career as an Air Traffic Controller at Eglin Air Force Base in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

  • Tim Ralston has made countless appearances in movies and TV shows, which you can see on the MEDIA page of this site, but none more exciting than his appearance on Doomsday Preppers, where he made it National Geographic Channel's highest-rated show ever.

  • When Tim Ralston created the Crovel, he saw the craze for what it was: a pop phenomenon that wasn't going away. So he started to market the Crovel as a zombie defense weapon and the Crovel was voted the number 1 zombie killing tool in the world. It started as an accident in 2010, when the shaft of Tim's father's shovel snapped in half as he was packing it. He had a neighbor weld a crowbar onto the shovelhead and realized he was onto something. He went out and bought 30 more crowbars and shovels, welded them together himself, and brought them to a gun show and sold out in 45 minutes. He brought a new batch to a different show. Same response. "I knew I had a product when I had guys at the end of the show coming over and trading me guns for shovels."

    – Tim Ralston

Tim has acquired a large variety of skills over the years and has had many jobs including:

  • Military air traffic controller
  • Gym-membership salesman
  • Speculator in Nigerian gold
  • Ski instructor
  • Co-inventor of a cosmetic-pencil sharpener
  • Inventor
  • Fashion model
  • QVC pitchman
  • Scavenger 6 gun inventor and manufacturer
  • Fashion photographer
  • Tanning-salon owner

Tim's innovations mostly relate to prepping and ultimate survival tools and weapons. His passion for family and keeping people safe has been the catalyst for creativity and innovative designs. "PREPARE FOR THE WORST, HOPE FOR THE BEST" is Tim's motto, so all of Tim's inventions are always focused on quality, durability, practicality and likes to have a multi tool concept or adaptability component in the design. His more notable inventions include:

  • Scavenger 6

    The Ultimate Survival Gun. One gun that can shoot almost every kind of bullet.

  • Timahawk

    The Ultimate Survival Axe. A handy multi tool for chopping trees, wrecking? or even defending yourself.

  • Bug Out Bag

    The Minimalist Prepper Bug Out Bag with the highest quality survival tools and equipment so you have a bag ready to go if the SHTF!

  • X-Caliber

    Inserts that drop into your shot gun which change the calibre from a 12 gauge to 10 other calibers making it a survival addition to your arsenal.

  • Crovel

    The Ultimate Survival Shovel. Voted the World's number 1 Zombie killing tool! Also works as a shovel, saw, frying pan, beer bottle opener, container to store water or tools and spear.

  • Nax

    The very best tool for cutting, chopping, and clearing. The Nax combines the 5 dynamic qualities of a kukri knife, machete, prybar, digger and hatchet in one single solid piece of precision forged steel.

Tim is an acolyte of The Secret, the inspirational book that has sold millions with Oprah's help. He credits its teachings for all of his success. When he wants something, he visualizes it, memorizes it, and then waits for an opportunity to transform those good vibes into tangible achievements. Of course, Tim not only visualizes business success, he has turned the idea of visualizing success into a business. He launched Visionboardsite.com in 2008, which lets you create and manage your own vision boards to outline your goals and make them come true. (It's like a motivational Pinterest). The users access thousands of pictures (of cars, women, other aspirational objects) to assemble onto the board. "For one minute you watch your personal vision board. It imprints into your subconscious and you'd be amazed how fast you achieve whatever you want," Tim says.

Tim Ralston's visualization successes include the time he got a job as a ski instructor without knowing how to ski, the time he learned to become a helicopter pilot for free, and the time he stumbled into partial ownership of two yachts that look almost exactly like the ones on his vision board. "Everything that I've gotten here is done off of my vision board," Tim says.

Most of the stars in The Secret, Book also featured in The Compass, Movie. This movie about finding your internal direction featured Tim Ralston as well as 27 of the most inspirational speakers around the world.

"Knowledge doesn't weigh much so bring a lot with you." Tim Ralston

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